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The aim of this site is to provide sound technical advice to help users, builders and potential buyers of small sailing multihulls to come to a wise choice for their personal needs.

It will aim to provide good data with methods by which issues such as stability, safety, strength and speed can be assessed.

It will also review various building materials and construction methods, plus the pros and cons of optional features, such as folding and de-mountable systems.

It will attempt to provide answers for technical questions submitted by readers, and those considered to have broad interest may be published here.

There will also be reference to other technical articles deemed to be of relative interest and the various pros and cons of tris vs cats may be included.

Overall, we aim to be a prime source for all things technical associated with this specific subject… and we invite boat, material and equipment suppliers to link to us, submit their products for review and also for building material suppliers to do the same.

We will be neither selling or representing any particular product (other than our own technical reports and possible designs) so aim to remain unbiased in our reviews and opinions.

Finally, we are open to any developing ideas relative to this subject, and invite readers to use our Questions & Comments form for this purpose.