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December 2011

Some small trimaran designs available as Kit Boats

Until I find time to write a more complete article on this, here are a few thoughts on some small trimarans currently available in kit form.

L7: Although, primarily of sheathed plywood, the L7 kit uses a fibreglass under-pan for all 3 hulls. Amas slide in on fibreglass beam sections. www.multihull-maven.com/Boats/L-7     (It's now understood that this kit has since been discontinued)

F22: The latest F22 Farrier design (actually closer to 23ft), has also been promised in kit form for several years, but this will be a high end kit of prefabricated moldings and although it will offer a savings over a complete boat, this will still be an expensive boat. Keep in mind though that if you're an ardent racer, F22 fleets may spring up in most major centres and also that resale value should hold up fairly well if you do some quality assembly, guided by the detailed instructions.    Contact Farrier Marine for details.

MOJO 74: At 24ft, there is the MOJO 74 (7.4 m) that offers a plywood kit (2012) for about $12K, FOB Australia. This is an interesting, well-enclosed design by Wayne Barrett, who has built some fine hi-tech boats in the past. In this case, Wayne has gone for very basic plywood shapes to create a simple, demountable, but capable cruise boat for a friendly couple. Check out: trimarankit.com/trimaran-plywood-kit

W17: The smaller W17 has kits available of all the ply parts cut out by CNC and can also be built using preformed composite panels of foam and glass — check 'Aug 18th posting' on this link… Waters Edge
For the plywood kit, see here: W17 CNC Kit. Starting in summer 2014, W17 kits are now available in the USA from the renowned kitmakers CLC Boats.   Here is their story and a link to their announcement on their website: http://smalltridesign.com/whats-new/CLC-Boats.html.   Ply Kits were also available in Australia from Witt Design the developer, but sadly, Allan Witt has passed on and transferred the files to SmallTri Design.com in 2019.  Kits are also available from Fyneboats in the UK using the same cutting software.

W22: Another option hopefully coming down the road, will be that hulls for the new demountable W22 could be available at some point. One manufacturer is looking into this and in such a case, only the upper plywood parts would need completing and there's no reason that precut parts for this cannot also be available.    DXF files of the building templates for the lower hull and amas are included with the W22 plans .   See W22-Trimaran

Naturally, there is a premium to be paid for all kit boats, so each individual has to do his own evaluation of what that premium is worth to them, in both time and possible construction simplicity… Tracking down owners who have actually built from these kits is one good way to evaluate their worth.

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