Design Reviews & Comparisons

With the amount of work required to undertake articles comparing various existing boats, it has been decided to deal with this challenging subject through a number of separate reports that will be available at the lowest possible cost.
The first of these has now been on sale for several years (at just $7), and presents some personal thoughts and assessment by the writer (plus numerous photos) about the following designs:

ReportCardiff A21, 21, and Z65; Discovery 20; Farrier F22 and K24T; Hughes KH-23 and KH-24; Kolibri 23; Leneman L7; Magnum 21 and 21S; Scarab 22 and 670; Trinado; Tremolino; and Warren 23.

In addition to the above, this Report#1 also includes two spreadsheets, giving a wealth of technical data for each design, as well as the results of formulae for comparisons dealing with cost, build time and performance. This data is not only given for the 12 small tris noted above, but for a total of 20 small tris that include the following:

Magnum 21; Magnum 21S; Kolibri 23; Cardiff 21, A21 and Z65; Warren 23 Mk2; Scarab 670; Scarab 22; Corsair Sprint; Discovery 20; Leneman L7; Day Tri20; Spitfire 20; KH-23; KH-24; Trinado; Tremolino Mk4; Farrier K24T and F22.

After completion, the report was sent out to five internationally-noted designers, and their appreciated comments on this work are noted at the base of the text on this page Small Trimarans Review

So if this interests you as I think it will, please go to the Sales Page to place your order. It's quick and it's safe. The report will then be delivered to you as a PDF file for printing out at home in full color. We recommend to select the 'Print Both Sides' print option that comes with most printers today and then get the 22 pages plus a cover, wire bound for future use and reference.

As stated in the Report, the reviewing comments and comparison data are naturally only that of the writer, but they do come from 60+ years of experience with small boats, the personal ownership of 4 small trimarans over the last 30 years, as well as qualifications as a professional engineer and naval architect from one of the most reputable universities in the world in this field.

On receipt, please let us know if you've enjoyed this report and have any suggestions for another. Many have in fact written in already with most favorable comments. Thank you.

"New articles, comments and references will be added periodically as new questions are answered and other info comes in relative to this subject, so you're invited to revisit and participate." —webmaster.