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What Builders are saying about the W17 folding trimaran…

March 24th, 2010
"Deciding factors for me to build this boat were these:
• Just the right size to be enjoyed as a daysailer
• No mast purchase problem – design to be supplied
• Potentially fast
• Inter-island seaworthiness: self-bailing cockpit, buoyancy chambers, dry storage
• Ease of deployment: trailable, beachable, relatively light
• Fantastic support from the designer
• Strong potential of a class forming
• Relatively easy build, well engineered design
• Great looking"
Louis, Philippines

April 20, 2010
"Seems to me, that you've given the boat a lot of thought. Looking forward to starting soon."
Tom, Florida

April 30, 2010
"Plans have arrived!. They look comprehensive and with some good suggestions. I will enjoy having a good read of them until I am ready to start construction. Can't wait!"
Julian, Tasmania

Sept 6, 2010
"Have to say you are doing an excellent job Mike. I feel I am doing a full wooden dinghy building course with all your detailed notes and feed back. Just like being at a technical school and training under a master builder. Great design, super support. So congratulations on your contribution to the world of boat building and your very effective use of the internet."
Andrew, Taytay, Rizal PHL

Sept 8, 2010
"Everybody is so excited about the boat. Me particularly. It's a good size and the space under the deck can store so much gear…all dry. Can't wait to finish it! I've already had an offer to buy the boat but not this one. No way!"
Melvest Marine, Philippines

Sept 15, 2010
"Been reviewing the W 17 plans and Build Manual in much detail since they arrived. Excellent work. Naturally had some questions but your 'Waters Edge' construction commentary plus your webpage of construction tips has already answered most of them. Just reading the Manual, I have learned a lot from you already and I haven't even started to build yet! Great stuff."
Fred, Hawaii
Sept 21, 2010 — Although waiting for W22 plans, a senior student of yacht design recently wrote this in and kindly granted permission to share:
"Great work on the W17. I really like the construction planning you've done as it makes proper use of materials such that added weight is not created needlessly. Some forget that volume is the friend of the multihull sailor, but windage and weight are the enemy. This boat is very doable for the backyard builder, and has such style and lines that she'd look totally in place as a sporty tender or toy on the deck of a fine Italian mega yacht. Very nice indeed."
Marshall, Florida

Sept 24, 2010
"Really enjoying what I've done so far on the W17. As the big parts are easy, nothing appears intimidating. A few parts are tricky but they're small and interesting, and the plans are great. This is going to be a blast to sail but to be honest, I am just enjoying the building process right now. Thanks for a great design and the fun it's giving me!"
John, USA

May 2, 2011
"Thank you for your detailed reply to my question. I've been reading all the articles on your website after lurking on several boat building forums for years and I particularly like that you explain theory in laymen's terms. What you say makes such a great deal of sense and I think your W17 design is brilliant. And a wingmast will make this little boat look awesome. I hope to buy plans later this year.
Thanks again"

David, Utah

September 3, 2011
"Four months have now passed and with my decision unchanged, I recently purchased a set of plans for the W17 Estuary Trimaran from Mike Waters. (There is a lot of good information on his website about sailing, boat design, and very nice writeups of his design goals.) After all my comparisons of the W17 design compared to others out there, I've retained my conclusion that this is an outstandingly good one!

If you'd like to read some of my reasons for acquiring these plans please feel welcome to continue by clicking here."

David, Utah

December 26th, 2011
"I came across your web site some months ago and have read everything with great interest. Congratulations on such a wonderfully easy site to navigate, and for the wealth of info available there.
Like you, I have been involved in shipping all my life and captain since 1986 of all types of ships, up to 175,000 MT.
I do like your approach to such design work and the fact that your lifetime work in ship design and construction still forms the basis of your approach, rather than a straight out acceptance mentality of "CAD" to define strength and forces.
I've already built 4 boats (up to 26ft monohull) but am now looking for a small but comfortable performance sailboat but with high stability (as age slows the body). Also one that I can build and enjoy one up or with the family. Well, your W17 design has ticked all my boxes, and the cream on the cake was the fact that WITT Design are offering Kits in my part of the globe. So looking forward to getting started real soon."

RD, Queensland, AU

February 22nd, 2012
"Hi Mike,
The metal fittings have arrived and I must say that they will be another really nice feature on the boat. There is no way that I could have duplicated their quality at the price they are offered. Such design details really set this boat apart. I am actually enjoying the accuracy of working in metric though cannot yet tell at a glance if something is a certain measurement or not, like I can with the US imperial standard. Time will change that though. More later."

Scott, Florida (professional boatbuilder)

February 18th, 2016
"Hi Mike,
I was recently at the boat Exposition in Düsseldorf to have a look at other tris, espezially the Pulse600, but found nothing better than your Stroke of Genius (the W17).    I don't understand WHY there are not 10.000 builders instead of 100!    Fotos will follow, and I wisch you all the best.
Günter, Cologne

March 29th, 2018
"Hi Mike,
aking good progress.    I am so impressed with the plans and the build.  I could never have dreamed up as good a design as this.  The money spent on the plans was so well worth it.       I have the main hull built and I am now at the painting stage.  I have built the dagger board as well and have the akas mainly complete.      It's also great to have someone with your experience to bounce questions off of.         My daily driver is a Mazda Miata (that I love) and I think you have designed the Miata of sailboats!    Simple to look at but way more fun than most people will ever know."    

Don, Alberta

June 15th, 2018
"Hello Mike,
Thank you for your updates to the manual and congrats on the design of the storm main. That video really shows the potential of the W17.  Even non-sailing friends are impressed by the boat’s speed, stability and dryness in those conditions.  Me too!

I am currently nursing some damaged fingers from a too close encounter with a router table and 1” channeling bit.  A bit messy, but an opportunity to read more of Swallows and Amazons though, which I am enjoying immensely.

Well Mike, 'the fire in the belly' is still burning and I am enjoying the project more and more.      I have finished the scarfing, sealing and glassing of all the Ama panels.  I ended up hand planing them and enjoyed that too.  It didn’t take long (about 15 mins per four).  Nothing quite like the sound and feel of a sharp hand plane at work.  

So I am still moving forward Mike, watching your videos for inspiration, and driving my family and friends nuts with all my W17 talk.  Just Love this boat! 

-- Richard, Victoria, AU

April 3rd, 2020       Thanks Mike.    Been reading the build manual and drawings plus looking at tips on your web site. I am very pleased with the detail and quality of your material so am looking forward to start building the W17 .

I certainly intend feeding back progress photographs to you in due course as I definitely want to build the wing mast.
Regards and thanks for all your attention and service to date.

--- Peter, Queensland, AU


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