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 February 18, 2011

CNC-Cut Plywood Kit for the W17

Julian and Allan
Julian Robertson and Allan Witt
talking over the W17 Project

We are pleased to announce that Witt Design in Australia, now has a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cut kit of all plywood parts for the W17. Anyone interested should contact Allan Witt at: Witt Design Pty Ltd.

Kit buyers will still need a set of the regular plans from www.smalltrimarandesign.com, but having all the parts neatly pre-cut from 18 sheets of high-quality marine plywood will be a time saver for those whose time is money.

See Kit Overview for more details.

Price will be about AU$3,500 but is presently at AU$3,188 as an Introductory Price. This is partly because some parts are presently cut with a trimming allowance for final fitting in place. Ultimately, it is planned that all parts will be cut exact.

This kit is presently available from Australia, but as International shipping would further add to the cost, Julian and Allan have offered to make their control software available to other NC laser or router cutters in Europe or North America. So if an interested W17 builder knows of a local shop ready to work with them, please suggest they either contact Allan at the above address, or Contact Mike Waters with their particulars.


Update — March 18, 2011

Since posting info on this kit from Tasmania, Australia, we have received these pics of the first kit being delivered. The complete pack is of 18 sheets and this is how one of them looks.

Kit on trailer Kit on trailer
Wow! I feel like a kid who has just received his dream balsa kit for his birthday. Can't wait to start making this 2D package into a 3D reality! —JR, first kit owner

Although such a kit will inevitably add about $1000 to the cost of your boat, it will certainly save you precious time and also reduce measurement errors, should lofting not be your strong point.

If someone in the USA wants a kit, please see what CLC Boats are now offering here

Closer to Europe, another enthusiast is also getting organized to offer W17 kits and we'll publish more info on this source once it is closer to reality. As far as we have learnt, all these kits use Joubert marine ply as well as the new nesting layout prepared by Witt Designs from the original W17 plans.

Though Small Trimaran Design has no direct commercial interest in kit suppliers, we give a general endorsement to those noted here and will, as always, support builders who will be working from a set of standard W17 plans to complete their boats.
Witt Design (AU) remains responsible for part accuracy, based on their interpretation of the plans. Unless otherwise noted, all kit manufacturers will be using the same nesting program for plywood parts.

Update — January 10, 2013, reconfirmed Jan. 2020

Witt Designs have lowered the price for their DXF Kit Cutting Data files for the W17 trimaran, to a very reasonable $195, so if you have access to a CNC driven router, this could be an interesting route to check out. This could save you at least 50 hours. Please contact mike waters for Witt Design info.

Further information will be posted as it becomes available


Feel free to send in specific questions or comments via my Questions Form, that I may select to answer through this webpage if considered of broad interest.


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