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June, 2017

Pics & Video of the W22 in Portugal

Finally some pics to share from the W22 in Portugal, Spring 2017. Managed to get out there to check the boat out and get in a little sailing. While this first boat needs a few tweaks as far as rigging is concerned, the hull structure, shapes and boat performance are everything we expected and no changes are needed or recommended.

The boat is comfortable, well behaved and very maneuverable and despite being very light, still tacks readily without losing way as the accompanying video demonstrates. One has a sense of high efficiency from both the hulls and modern rig, and we are confident this boat will be dry and fun to sail. A 4-5 hp motor is more than enough and one of the 3-5hp Torqeedo motors would be ideal for auxiliary power.

Click on this link W22 SAILING VIDEO for the video from Portugal and also enjoy the SLIDE SHOW below.

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