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May 31, 2013


W22 Sailplan

Over the last 12 months, I have collected a list of those writing to me and requesting to be on the 'strong interest list' for the W22. In late May 2013, I sent out an email to these enthusiasts, but to my surprise, about 20% of the email addresses for the 60 plus on the list, came back as non-valid!

So if YOU are one of those with 'high interest' for the W22, (or wish to be added to it) and did NOT receive this email, then I request you write to me soon through the 'ask-a-question' form on this website and really make certain that the email address you give me, is correct.

(Note that I do NOT retype these; I 'copy and paste' to avoid errors, so if there is a mistake, it should not be mine ;-)

Here is the first half of the email I sent out; if you already DID receive this, then your email is good. You're on my list, you'll now know the story and also, what to do ;-)

"Greetings to all you enthusiasts who have patiently waited for me to 'get my act together' and finish the W22 !! In my defense, I've had an unusual number of setbacks over the last 18 months, mostly of the human kind. Then a serious hard-drive crash and finally, some vision issues of my own to work through.

But patience pays off and finally, I have something of interest to offer. Fortunately or unfortunately, there still seems to be very few sport trimarans out there that can be built at a reasonable cost and still offer excellent overall performance. And by 'overall performance' I mean all the same things that I've previously listed for the W17, as these are all important to me personally .. namely;... comfort, dryness, precise handling, good looks, sparkling performance, reasonable security and cost effectiveness.

I also work hard and serious to create boats that 'feel really good to sail' in terms of handling and so offer that 'something extra special' in sailing pleasure, compared to the average boat out there. I want my boats to have their owners smiling when they sail home, not groaning and complaining about some uncomfortable position and being constantly doused in spray, or fighting a boat that is unresponsive to their fine touch. These are the things that I constantly have in mind, when I put together a new design such as this W22.

The website still describes the basics of this boat and the final boat has stayed true to most of the targeted attributes. The boat is still 22ft overall and 18ft beam with a lot of power and stability. She will be readily demountable and has a roomy 7ft cockpit, two spacious trampolines and a small cuddy to overnight under and is designed to offer a lot of sailing pleasure and a fine performance. She carries an efficient rig, coupled with a carbon fiber wing mast, the design of which is now available, all suitable for home construction by a careful craftsman.   See WingMast details on line for mast info

The well illustrated Build Manual details a recommended way to build each main part and as this boat will allow the builder to become familiar with several different ways of boat building, nothing should become boring to make and you'll pick up a useful knowledge of a variety of boat building methods and skills. From sheathed plywood assembly, to strip cedar and on to vertical foam composite with optional vacuum bagging, all fully detailed. Each method has been selected to best serve the part being built and this results in very little compromise during the design process, to create a boat that will give the finest 'overall performance for the time and dollar invested', within the limits of the boat type and size."

Thanks and hope to hear from you shortly

regards, mike

The W22 Study Profile with all Data and PLAN PURCHASE DETAILS can be found here  -> :  W22 STUDY PROFILE


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