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Building the W22 Trimaran

A series of articles on building the W22 Trimaran

Article #1 — Amas (floats, outrigger hulls)
Article #2 — Aka sleeves, shroud and tramp attachments
Article #3 — Cross arms (akas), centerboard case and fiberglass Logs
Article #4 — Starting the lower Main Hull
Article #5 — Laying up the lower part of the Main Hull
Article #6 — Glassing and Finishing of the Lower Main Hull
Article #7 — Starting the Main Hull Topsides
Article #8 — Completing the sides and gunwale extension
Article #9 — Sheathing the Main Hull
Article #10 — Completing the Cuddy
Article #11 — Completing the Main Hull & Cuddy
Article #12 — Hybrid Construction Options

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