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All technical articles published on this site that are not credited to another specific author, are written by naval architect and site author & owner, Michael Waters, and remain his intellectual property, copyright 2008 to current year. However, interested parties may freely use quotes from them as long as they are kept in context and the source reference is made. Further, every effort has and will continuously be made to get permission to publish all main photos used on this site and the support of all those to date, is greatly appreciated. This site is primarily to share sound technical data with all those interested in small (<10m) trimaran design and construction.

Legal Disclaimer

The publisher and author have attempted to verify the accuracy of the information contained on this website and also in any publications authored by But neither party can assume any responsibility for errors, omissions or contradictory information contained therein. The publisher and author are not liable or responsible for any losses or damages, which include, but are not limited to: loss of personal assets (tangible or intangible), time, materials, service, profits, business, clients or other pecuniary loss due to use or application of this data. This publication's information is being provided for educational purposes only. The reader is encouraged to discuss specific issues directly with a local professional or qualified specialist for any specific use.

The reader of this publication assumes full and complete responsibility for the use of this material and all related information. Mike Waters, and contributing writers of this site do NOT assume any responsibility or liability on behalf of the reader whatsoever, with regard to articles and included information.

Any results, stated or implied within this publication, should be considered atypical, and not guaranteed results. No promises or guarantees are made on this website, whether stated or implied, as materials and results may vary from one individual to another from anything that has been stated or implied. All Information given, including resources noted within, are not to be taken necessarily as endorsements. This publication may contain advice, strategies or suggestions that are not suitable for your situation, so all information needs to be read and interpreted in context and acted upon using an independent professional ..

Purchase of Intellectual Property

As a qualified naval architect and engineer, the author may on occasion make available building plans and manuals for sale, then correctly deemed as a sharing of intellectual property. While these documents will be based on years of experience and sound engineering principles, the designer has no control over the material used, the workmanship put it or even the manner of use of the final product.   So a Waiver must first be read and accepted, and then hand signed, scanned and returned.  This frees the designer (and his heirs) of all future responsibility and is the only way that such plans can be sold and made available..  Such waivers are standard in the industry for the reasons given.

See also Standard Conditions of Sale and associated Waiver.