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Are you really considering buying or building a small trimaran?

Report CoverIf so, you might have already read one of the paperback books put out a few years ago by Joe Farinaccio of SmallTrimarans.com.

The first one was called Small Trimarans and then More Small Trimarans followed later. They both include some interesting interviews, some with well known and reputable designers.

But as interesting a read as they are, they were missing the technical data, critical reviews and comparisons between the small trimarans under discussion. So when editor Joe suggested I might just be the most independent person qualified to do this, I decided to take on the task.

The result is a 22‑page Technical Report that not only compares many of the tris in Joe's books, but looks at the data for many more—a total of 20 in fact, all between 19' and 25' in length. Twelve (12) of these are reported on with a critical look at what they might offer YOU the potential buyer—all in numerous pages of text with color photos.

I also included two useful charts showing average building times and cost for tris of different lengths as well as a 2‑page spreadsheet with LOADS of data about each boat—things that will keep you busy for hours!

Although this had to be a somewhat personal look, I do bring 60+ years of sailing experience to it, as well as a lot of past boat building and designing as a qualified naval architect and engineer. I invite you to check some of the articles on this site to get a feel for whether you think I can help you or not. But just to make SURE I was on the right track with this, I first sent it out to five of the most reputable small multihull designers in the world who with just one exception, were not directly involved with the Small Trimaran boats—so could say what they wanted, quite independently.

So here below, also with a sample of the report, is what they wrote back to me, and I hope this will remove any doubt in your mind that the report is indeed worth reading.

My report is available at $9.00, complete with graphs and spreadsheets. On payment, you will receive the report by email, usually within 24 hours. It comes in PDF format, so that you can print out at home in full color. As one reviewer already remarked, this is about as close as one is likely to get to an independent consumer report on small tris!!

The 20 Small Trimarans included in this Report are the A21, Cardiff 21, Corsair Sprint, Day Tri 20, Discovery 20, Farrier F22, K24T, Hughes KH‑23 & KH‑24, Kolibri 23, Leneman L7, Magnum 21 & 21S, Ostlind Z65, Scarab 22 & 670, Spitfire 20, Tremolino, Trinado, and the Warren 23.

Here is what some very well-known designers had to say about this report:

"Although my work on the KSS system has involved me with larger boats of late, I have designed a few small trimarans myself and well remember the high stability, exciting racing and the 'trail, sail and explore' ability that made small trimarans such a lot of fun. So I can certainly put myself in naval architect Mike Waters' shoes and appreciate the difficult job he has undertaken. But he has done the job well.
This is a must read for everyone interested in this topic—and there's a lot there in one location, with unbiased comment and valuable comparisons. It adds some real data to the newsy interviews in Joe's book."

Derek Kelsall, NZ, (Note: Derek was designer/builder of the first foam-composite trimaran in 1966 and was still very active in the design and building of multihulls worldwide until his sad passing in 2022)

"Interesting, entertaining reading. Mike seems to know what he is talking about and in reviewing these designs, does not hide from you what he thinks makes sense or not."
Paolo Bisol — of Paolo Bisol Yacht Design, (Designer of the prize-winning Tritium 720)

"These design reviews are very informative and will be useful to anyone interested in building or owning a small trimaran. They will help readers see beyond the information supplied by the designers themselves and enable a more informed comparison when selecting a design."
Dudley Dix of DixDesign.com
(Dudley is one of the most prolific small boat designers ever.)

"This looks like a very interesting and helpful booklet for the enthusiast and prospective builder alike. It covers the issues well and is informative, sharing the benefit of the writers years of experience and thinking".
John Shuttleworth, John-Shuttleworth.com

"Wow, I never knew there were so many small trimaran designs now available! Including some designs of historical, as well as build interest, this report represents a very comprehensive overview of available designs with lots of interesting photos and data. Nice job - worth reading."
Chris White, ChrisWhiteDesigns.com
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